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This section of the website is intended for members to seek advice and share information on all matters relating to horticulture in our community.
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2 thoughts on “Members Forum

  1. HSHS Administrator Post author

    Hi members,

    A little reminder that there is an information meeting regarding the proposed changes to the 31 bus in the Marine Hotel this Wednesday 12th September 2018.
    Your views can be expressed between 2pm and 7pm if you are concerned about the changes to the route.

    Best regards,

  2. Niall Coulter

    Dear all,
    Many members of Howth and Sutton Horticultural Society have walked their dog and admired Redrock, with the woods and fields full of blackberrys in the Autumn. Please forward this message from Fingal Co Co about a meeting to dicuss it’s future on Saturday 17th February at 10.15 at Strand Road entrance.

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