Shrub of the Month – July

This selection of shrubs is chosen specifically for the poor, thin, acid soils common on the upper parts of the Howth Penninsula. The two we have selected below are at their best this month

Romnea coulteri

The gorgeous fragrant flowers of the tree poppy make it a deserving holder of the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM). Blooming for months on end in summer, it is a beautiful choice for a sunny, protected spot in well-drained soil. Plants can prove tricky to get going as they resent transplanting but once established they will spread rapidly. Protect plants with a dry winter mulch and cut back to a low permanent framework each spring.

Eccremocarpus scaber

The Chilean glory flower is an exotic-looking climber with wiry stems and sparse, dark, evergreen foliage which acts as a perfect backdrop to the bright red, orange or yellow tubular flowers, which appear from early summer into autumn. Its speed of growth provides a useful screen for the bare bases of climbing roses, or to disguise the balding lower areas of conifers. The plants are not hardy but in mild regions they may survive – dying down in winter and reappearing larger and stronger the following year. In very mild, sheltered areas the foliage may remain all winter. Otherwise they should be treated as annuals. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

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