Committee 2023

President: Conall O’Caoimh

Ruth Barrington: Chair
Cathy McGowan: Secretary
Aine Mhic Aodhagain: Treasurer
Owen Morton: Assistant Treasurer
Suzanne O’Reilly: Web co-orindator
Ann Campbell: Events
Colman Rowe
Maeve Macken
Miriam Page

Show Committee 2023
Ann Campbell: Show Secretary
Rose Sevastopulo
Jean Lynch
Erica Brandt
Roxanne White
Suzanne O’Reilly

Our society is run and staffed all by volunteers.  In addition to the committee members many other members assist with our events and help at the Spring and Autumn shows.  There is also a growers group actively sowing, growing and nursing plants for our Spring and Autumn shows and plant sales.  If you would like to contribute or  volunteer in any capacity for Howth and Sutton Horticultural Society please email  or contact Ann 086 818 3709 ”Many hands make light work”